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VIP is a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status or importance.

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Rtn. Major Donor G.Sundararajan

Rtn.Major Donor G. Sundararajan more popularly known as 'GS' is a household name, especially among the downtrodden in Dindigul, a town in Tamil Nadu.The adage goes 'No gain without pain'. Well, GS too experienced so much pain in his life to attain this gain. He is a millionaire now. But, that is definitely not news, any way.He earns through his various business establishments and spends almost every thing for the needy.. And people address him fondly as 'Kaliyuga Karnan'. GS heads not less than 27 trusts.

He is at the helm of affairs in many district and state level associations and for him, service tops the priority list. And to top it all, he is humble by nature. So called VIPs will benefit from following the trail set by this living legend, a real philanthropist.His early life was not a bed of roses all the way. He struggled much to complete even his schooling. Even the monthly school fees was much beyond his reach. But then, he had a blessing in the form of his Tamil teacher. That generous hearted gentle man came to his rescue many a time and helped him through schooling. He was immensely overwhelmed by that Tamil teacher's gesture [of course, he did not know then, that he would one day reciprocate by founding a trust for the welfare of Tamil teachers]. The memory of that past brings tears to his eyes even now.

GS says,

"It is this Dindigul, which gave me every thing and I am just giving it back what I have and I will continue doing so till I breathe my last".

President :

Rotary club of dindigul west(92-93)
District volley ball Association
District Foot ball Association
District Chess Association
District Carrom Association
District yoga Association
District silambam Association
District ball badminton Association
Harijana seva sangam
Bharat scouts & guides Association
Dindigul Tamil Sangam
Thirukkural Peravai

G.c.member :

Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College

Vice President :

Tamil Nadu Foot Ball Association
Tamil Nadu Carrom Association
Tamil Nadu Chess Association

Managing Trustee :

Dindigul Naidu Welfare Trust
Ranimangammal Educational Trust

Chairman :

Rotary Micro Credit Banking
District Fence Association
District scatting Association

Seceretary :

Ranimangammal Trust
Neethirajan Trust
Sri Amman Trust

Member :

Dindigul Railway Con.Committe
Thiruvarul Peravai
Police Boys Club
District Sports Counsil
District Stadium Committe
Dindigul G.T.N Arts College
Kamaraj University Evening College
T.N Sports Authority Council , Chennai
T.N Parents Teachers Association,Chennai
T.N Red Cross Society,Chennai