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Ln.Dr.K.Rethinam .MJF

Dr.K.Rethinam.MJF was born on 1960 July 16th in Mutthupattinam in Pudukottai District. He was married on 11.09.1991 and his wife's name is Mrs.Selvi Rethinam.He have two sons. Elder son is Mr.R.Durai and younger son is Mr.K.R.Venkatesh.

In 11th 1983 he worked as Surveyor in Dindigul District.Then he started a real estate company by the name his wife "SREE DHARANI REAL ESTATE" and also started "SELVI CHAMBER".In Dindigul District its one of the leading company and standing as a milestone because of his hardwork in the age of 35. Then he joined Lion's club to serve poor people.



1.He was awarded as "MIGA SIRANDHA SEYAL VEERAN" by Lion's club's Golden Jubilee function on 2006.

2.He also attended National Integration Camp from 24.1.2010 to 30.1.2010 and got "NEHRU YUVA KENDRA AWARD" from Government of India Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

3.He organized 29th aniversary KARATE & SILAMBAM SUMMER COACHING CAMP.

4.He was awarded as "SAMUTHAYA SIRPI" by People Welfare Organization on 2007.

5.On every festivel occations, he provides clothes to poor people.


President :

CEO , GTN Arts College
Chairman , Shri Dharani Kuzhumam
State President .Paralympic Archery Association.DGL
Dist. President Hand Ball Association DGL
President-Rock Fort Foot Ball Club-DGL
Vice President-District Silambam Association
Dist.Chairman-Lions clubs International
Vice President - Thiruvarul Peravai-DGL
E.C.Member-Chamber of Commerce-DGL
Member-Consulative Committee-Mdu.Dvn-Sothern Railway