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Mr.R.S.K.Raguraam is one of the three Directors of the institution. He takes care of Academic and Finance. Being a Post Graduate Degree holder in Commerce and a Diploma holder in Automobile Engineering, he has a lot of ambitions to bring about landmark developments in the institution academically. He devotes full time in the campus and looks after the academic activities and the infrastructure developments. He visits the premier institutions in the country and abroad and brings new ideas to create modem facilities in the campus. He is also the Governing Council member of PTR Engineering College, Madurai.

He is a Management Consultant and an active Agriculturalist, who is very much interested in developing farms. In the PSNA farm, he practices Organic Farming with an innovative and scientific approach and encourages the farmers of the district to practice organic farming and restrict the pollution because of inorganic fertilizers. He involves himself in a lot of social activities. He has a keen interest in sports and games. His encouragement and guidance made him the Vice-President of the various District Sports Associations. He is also holding the following honorary posts to his credit.


Rotary , Dindigul district


Young Entrepreneur School
Dindigul District EXNORA
Dindigul Management Association
Dindigul District Fencing Association
Dindigul Society for disaster management and mitigation
Dindigul District Cricket Association

Executive Member

Dindigul District Sports Stadium Committee

Honorary Executive Member

Dindigul Chamber of Commerce